Born somewhere, sometime.
At the age of 20 Michael R. joined the Air Force for an 8-year duration. He had a basic training, Sergeant training and a later training for Maintenance Technician at Hughes Aircraft International in Fullerton, Calif. Stationed at the Naval Air Station Los Alamitos.
After the time as a Master Sergeant he started as a trainee in – at that time – world largest Advertising Agency J. Walter Thompson.  Got started as Traffic Controller, Junior Account Manager and worked his way up to other agencies like Young & Rubicam, Ted Bates, FCB, Grey Group, HHCC and his career got him from a Copywriter to Group Head, Creative Director, Managing Director of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations in an internat. Film- and Video Group.
For Michael R., his first recording, Sad Remeniscing, came as a surprise for several reasons. “There are no shortcuts in life. We all have to face loss, sorrow or grief and feelings of deep loneliness once in a while.” This message is part of his songs. He came up with the idea while having a time out in the South of California. A period of urgent and necessary convalescence for him and being his debut as singer and songwriter.
“I’ve been concentrated so much on working – that’s been the main focus of my career for the past few years,” Michael R. says. “But I started out as a storyteller and I had to remind myself how important that is. When I was young the impetus for me to write short stories and poems was because I loved it and because it brought me great joy. I wanted to come back to that. I had lost sight of the purpose, but I started focusing on writing again. I’ve never really stopped writing.
“I have so much gratitude,” he says. “I’m so excited that I’m still doing this and it’s on a level that I’m really proud of. I am grateful. I want listeners to walk away feeling like they know me after listening.”
Michael R’s motto:  There are moments and situations in our lives, there are moments in a day, when we see beyond the usual. Such are the moments I am in the mood to write on new song lyrics…!